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blogtip #1

Whenever you see link text on this blog you ought to follow it. Expect the unexpected.


books and music du jour

The Beastie Boys: The In Sound From Way Out

Amazing. All their instrumental stuff. Superlative music for just about any mood or situation.


I saw Krush Groove the other day and decided to download some Run-D.M.C. songs. I ended up ordering a couple of their CDs. If you are unfamiliar with their work, the song King of Rock (on the eponymously-titled album) is a great place to start.

Who Wrote the Bible?, Richard Elliot Friedman

A great book, written almost like a whodunit, but without compromising on the scholarly standards. I challenge anyone who believes in divine authorship to read it. It's a great read whether your interest in the Bible is academic or religious.

Skeptic (magazine)

Where has this publication been all my life?

Brush with the Law, Marquart and Byrne

I'm about 1/4 through after only 1 sitting and I'm hooked.


pomp and circumstance

According to the Internet, my diploma was awarded today. I will ceremonially convoke on Tuesday.

And my learners permit came in the mail from the DMV in Albany.



monday madness, courtesy of FoxNews.com

The BBC reports that a statue showing St. James slicing the heads off Moorish invaders at a Spanish cathedral will be removed in order to avoid offending Muslim visitors.

Officials in Santiago de Compostela will move the statue to the museum and replace it with one depicting the calmer image of St. James "the Pilgrim," by the same 18th century artist.

Chief among the reasons for moving the statue is to avoid upsetting the "sensitivities of other ethnic groups."

Umm, where can I get me one of them statues? I think it would really tie the room together.


predictions for the upcoming week

After the world recovers from the shock of the Chechen president's assasination, we will regain perspective on an important fact: explosions are fucking sweet.

Snap bracelets will make a comeback. Mark my words.

Alan Greenspan will announce that inflation is once again rearing its ugly head. The Green Party will announce that Ralph Nader plans to follow suit.


here's to new blogginnings

It is with great pomp and circumstance that I inaugurate the Defenestration of Blog, the blog for the next thousand years. Stay tuned, for on Wednesday we conquer Poland.