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new years resolutions

lose another 10 lbs of fat

gain 15 lb of muscle mass

the above entails going to the gym at least every other day and eat less junk food

ask out chicks that I previously dismissed as being "out of my league." because you never know...

Read the following books that I bought (in their entirety):

Side Effects, Woody Allen

America: The Book, Jon Stuart

Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood, Edward Hallowell

Some more stuff by Hayek, perhaps The Constitution of Liberty.

More to come, I need sleep...

my shaving routine

The great social phenomenon of the internet is the free dissemination of knowledge and yada yada yada. In the interest of all that, I feel like I should share my shaving routine with you. It has evolved over the years after experimentation with all kinds of products and processes. What works for me may not work for you, but I must tell you that I have reduced my irritation AND gotten a closer shave over the years.

I shave every other day because I'm not a very hirsute guy. I always do it as the last stage of my shower, since that way my face will have been exposed to hot water for the longest amount of time possible, opening up my pores.

I begin with a thorough pre-shave wash using a Neutorgena facial cleanser designed specifically for pre-shave use.

I turn off the shower and lather a huge gob of Nivea sensitive shaving gel and massage it into face and neck for 1 minute. I use to apply it kind of superficially, but realized that it really has to be rubbed in there.

I make my skin as taut as possible for each stroke with an M3 Power razor (I run it under hot water after each stroke). Taut skin leads to less irritation. The M3 Power razor is key. It gives you the closest shave you can possibly get and less irritation than, say, a Shcick Tracer or Gillette Sensor. Don't even bother with electric shavers, those give you a crummy shave and they irritate your neck just as much (I have 7 years of experience with 2 generations of Norelcos!)

Wash off face with cold water to close pores.

Splash cold water on scrotum, because I read that it increases sperm count. Not that I want kids anytime soon, but it's just nice to know I can.

And of course aftershave: I dry my face and then apply Clinique for Men Post Shave Healing Lotion. It sounds totally gay, but works better than anything else on the market.

We strive for perfection here, so lets get some comments going below!


cute puppy picture du jour


sabbath dinner: a play in one act

Dramatis personae:
Mr. Gingy
Mrs. Gingy
Abu Gingy, the heroic blogger

Abu Gingy sits down with his parents for their Friday night dinner. Conversation is slow, awkward and stilted. Here is an excerpt from the dialogue:

Mr. Gingy: Did your friend Rachel find work as a physical therapist in London?

Abu Gingy: Yes, there is a large need for them.

Mr. Gingy: Well it makes sense, they have an aging population in England.

Mrs. Gingy: They also have a lot of Muslims!

Abu Gingy: Why does everything have to come back to that with you?

Mrs. Gingy: Because they're anti-Semites, each and every one of them!!

Abu Gingy: meh



have you ever gotten totally pumped about something?

Off the top of my head, things that I have gotten totally jazzed up about, many of which I am still interested in (this doesnt include ongoing things like The Simpsons, pizza, internet addiction, and breasts):

throwing things (terrible 2s)
trading cards (basketball, baseball, and hockey)
Sega Genesis
religious judgmentalism
disruptive class clown phase
playing around with my first computer
stock market
cuban cigars
being part of the campus literati

what is abu gingy listening to and reading these days?

copious amounts of Pink Floyd

Side Effects, an old Woody Allen bestseller. Lots of short essays. I like books that are broken into many. small. segments.

kraigslist kraziness

originally from: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/sub/51691526.html

4br - Short-term housing for intelligent women
Reply to:
anon-51691526@craigslist.orgDate: 2004-12-08, 9:44PM EST

I am a kwell-heeled, overeducated kfoolish kfemale, 42, with a kpretty kgood ksense of khumor who khelps ksimilar kwomen who are in ktransition and kneed ksupport. I help kwomen in this kategory kfind kthings klike kshort-term khousing, kpartners of all kinds, and opportunities kfor kwork and kapitalist adventures. It is my klabor of klove -- kno kcharge and kno khidden agendas. Emergencies kget kfirst kpriority. Kontact Kris.

Kwhat kthe kfuck???????