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This is why Catholics should be denied bar membership

The crazy ones at least...
New York University's plans for a 26-story dormitory on a site formerly owned by the Roman Catholic Church could potentially violate deed restrictions placed on the property by the Archdiocese of New York.

The restrictions prohibit future inhabitants - in this case, students - from offering advice on family planning or getting abortions, or pinning up posters to that effect.


I suppose we have Christian law schools like Regent and Ave Maria to thank for teaching this sort of destructive behavior. I say it's destructive because it only reduces the value of the property, and is a welfare loss for society.


What have I got to be thankful for today?

I saw THREE BULLDOGS today! Two of them were brother and sister, and I got to pet them. I love this town (NYC).


Indians are NOT smarter than us


Too bad I left St. Louis

Who knows, maybe I could have been the victim of a drive-by shooting, lending me enormous street cred and launching my career as a gangsta rapper.

Most Dangerous Cities:

1. Camden, N.J.

2. Detroit

3. St. Louis

4. Flint, Mich.

5. Richmond, Va.

6. Baltimore

7. Atlanta

8. New Orleans

9. Gary, Ind.

10. Birmingham, Ala.



Some cool game theory

My microeconomics prof introduced us to the Centipede Game the other day. It's pretty cool how it uses backward induction to prove how a suboptimal outcome should arise.


from the Department of Difficult Questions

I recently saw this banner ad:
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I would have laughed, had I been able to get over the atrocious grammar.

Regulation benefits the regulated

A Florida law firm's television advertisement featuring a pit bull, a dog breed known for its aggression, is misleading and an affront to the legal profession, the Florida Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

Responding to a complaint by the Florida Bar, the state's highest court sanctioned a pair of Fort Lauderdale attorneys whose advertisement showed a spike-collared pit bull in the company logo. The bar also objected to the company's telephone number: 1-800-748-2855 or 1-800-PIT BULL.

The advertisements "demean all lawyers and thereby harm both the legal profession and the public's trust and confidence in our system of justice," Chief Justice Barbara Pariente scolded a unanimous decision.

The court said the ads violated a prohibition on legal advertising that suggests behavior, conduct or tactics that are contrary to rules of professional conduct.

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I haven't quit blogging

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I'm just laying kinda low.


The ADL is right for once

I find that Abe Foxman's hysterics are usually characterized by hyperbole and paranoia. Nonetheless, even a broken clock is right twice a day. He was on point with these recent remarks about the subhuman right:
"In 2002, leaders from 10 conservative Christian organizations formed the `Arlington Group,' an alliance of over 50 of the most prominent Christian leaders and organizations. Their Web site documented in considerable details the agenda of a wide range of issues, including judicial nominees, stem-cell research, same-sex marriage, abortion restrictions and the faith-based initiative - and their expectation of success on these issues [was high] because of their perceived political strength," Foxman said.

He noted that churches and organizations of this sort have always been active in America, but they had never before been so aggressive and determined. "They intend to Christianize all aspects of American life, from the halls of government to the libraries, to the movies, to recording studios, to the playing fields and locker rooms of professional, collegiate and amateur sports; from the military to SpongeBob SquarePants," Foxman charged. "No effort is made to hide their goals or their ambitions, and their vision of America is far different from ours."

Foxman traced the growing spread of Christian extremism to a crisis in values among large segments of the American population and a corresponding yearning for religious content, along with the presence of President George Bush as an encouraging ally. However, Foxman identified the central cause as a sense of persecution and the perception that religion, in general, and Christianity, in particular, are under attack from the liberals in the U.S.

In his speech, Foxman presented the as yet unpublished results of an opinion poll commissioned by the ADL. The survey found that an overwhelming 75 percent of Americans who attend church once a week believe that religion is under attack in America. Among evangelicals, that figure rises to 80 percent. Among those who attend church regularly, 70 percent think that Christianity is particularly threatened; 76 percent of evangelicals agree.

The poll also revealed that 60 percent of church members, and 69 percent of evangelical favor instituting organized prayer in America's public schools.

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snaps to Paul Martin

PM: Free trade will solve poverty in the Americas

CTV.ca News

Prime Minister Paul Martin says freer and fairer trade can help more impoverished people in the Americas than all the social programs in the world combined.

In his address to the Summit of the Americas in Argentina this afternoon, Martin warned leaders that industrial powerhouses such as China and India have been surpassing the Americas in economic growth for some time.

He says a hemispheric free trade agreement would enable both North and South America to compete globally.

However, Martin said such a deal isn't about making conditions better for capitalists. "It is about providing opportunities for our workers, and better goods and services for our consumers, from the bottom rung of the income ladder to the top."

"A democratic country with a stake in the global economy can grow," continued Martin. "It can invest its wealth in essential social programs such as health and education, as well as in technology and innovation -- unlocking the potential of its own people."

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Why can't my econ profs look like this?

Noreena Hertz
Noreena Hertz
Professor of Economics and Future Carrier of my Baby
University of Cambridge

(Even my parents would approve; her great grandfather was J.H. Hertz, the Chief Rabbi of the British Empire.)