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I had a bugout a few minutes ago

I was walking down 18th street and noticed a ~60 year old woman had baseball cards for sale on the sidewalk, so naturally I started looking through the album pages she had laid out. I started making small talk about how the cards were from the same years (around 1990) that I was really into baseball cards. I figured that she has a son my age. Then she revealed that they were indeed her son's but that he died in a car acccident last week and she is trying to raise money for his funeral. Of course it's always tragic when parents outlive a child, but this just bummed me out. I mean, they couldn't even afford to die...goddamn. So I bought a Mike Mussina rookie despite her asking price of about 4x what I would have paid on Ebay. I figure it's all I can really do, and I felt compelled to do something, if only out of guilt. I mean, for all I know, he might have been driving drunk, but I am assuming he was a victim of randomness and that it could just as easily have been me leaving behind some complete sets of 1990 baseball cards.


Killa Cam is priceless

Check out this post on Nastack.


What's on my mind right now?

I'm too lazy to edit this but I just realized that Philip Roth's novels deserve a prominent place in my mental pie chart. I just finished The Counterlife and I am moving on to Portnoys Complaint and The Ghost Writer.


Life imitating art/scholarship

A 19th century French deputy of parliament/journalist/satirist named Frederic Bastiat wrote an essay called the Candlemaker's Petition. It's an extremely enjoyable satire that explains the political economy of international trade and the dangers of protectionism. No math, no pain, I promise.

Hillary Clinton has brazenly rejected Bastiat's time-tested wisdom, introducing a bill calling for policies that amount to consumer wealth transfers to...you guessed it, the candle makers!

Hat tip to Tom Palmer's blog on the heads up.

I heart bashing

If you're reading this, I am assuming its because you get some utility out of reading my opinions. So here is my review of Congressional Towers in Rockville, MD.

You know, they've had bus boycotts over less

Last week I met a friend for lunch on Capitol Hill, and upon exiting, found myself at Pennsylvania Avenue and 1st street. Given the beautiful weather and reasonable walking distance to my neighborhood, I proceeded home on foot. By the time I got to Penn and 10th, I began to suspect something was up. When I got to 15th I said to myself “that’s funny, that KFC used to be the White House and the Treasury Department. My how the neighborhood changes.” Then I realized I had walked to 15th street and Pennsylvania avenue Southwest. Duh.

I saw a line for a bus on the corner, and figuring it was my best hope for getting safely to a metro stop, queued up. The bus driver let us board, until he got to me, last in line, at which point he abruptly closed the door leaving me standing against it. He looked away and did not acknowledge me, despite my audibly banging the door 3 times. And then he drove away.

A helpful local saw what happened and noted the bus ID number to me, encouraging me to report the incident. I did, and got a call back the next day. Possible updates to follow.

…I would hate to think that I was treated that way because I was the only non-black on line for the bus. But that’s the only explanation I can think of. (Hey, at least I didn’t accuse anyone of anti-Semitism). If discrimination is the case, it's pretty sad. Even Rosa Parks was able to get a seat in the back.