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some good news out of the middle east

Fortunately, despite the terrorist rocket attacks, America's high tech subsidiaries in Haifa are doing well.


some striking bullies on a boat


Quote of the Day

Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all. We disapprove of state education. Then the socialists say that we are opposed to any education. We object to a state religion. Then the socialists say that we want no religion at all. We object to a state-enforced equality. Then they say that we are against equality. And so on, and so on. It is as if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting persons to eat because we do not want the state to raise grain.

Frederic Bastiat, The Law


mini rant on the mideast

In Paris, French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy described the Israeli army strikes on Lebanon as a "disproportionate act of war", warning one consequence could be to plunge Lebanon "back into the worst years of war".

Poppycock. What exactly is "disproportionate" force? When your house is on fire, what's the proportionate amount of water?

Proportionate force will have been used either when Lebanon sends Hezbollah packing, Hezbollah surrenders unconditionally, or the group is weakened to the point of irrelevance. Is this really so radical? We demanded unconditional surrender of our enemies half a world away after WW2. Israel has the means, and hopefully the resolve, to have similar expectations for Hezbollah. And after withdrawing from Lebanon 5 years ago, they certainly have the moral authority to justify such a course of action.


There goes my neighborhood

As if I needed another reason to want to go back to NYC:
Nation's Capital Declares Crime Emergency
Two groups of tourists were robbed at gunpoint on the National Mall, just hours after the police chief declared a crime emergency in the city in response to a string of violence that included the killing of a British activist.

The activist, Alan Senitt, was attacked in the Georgetown area on Sunday, his throat was slit and police say the attackers attempted to rape his companion. It was the 13th homicide in the city this month. Robberies are up 14 percent, and armed assaults have jumped 18 percent in the past 30 days.

On Wednesday, U.S. Park Police were looking for connections between the latest Mall robberies and three similar incidents in the area in late May. There have been no arrests in any of those cases.

On Tuesday night, two women from Texas were robbed at gunpoint by two men dressed in all black, said U.S. Park Police Sgt. Scott Fear. About 15 minutes later, a family of four from Missouri was robbed by suspects with the same description, he said.



bashing the other school

It turns out that the latest terrorist we caught is a Concordia alum. This doesn't surprise me one bit, that place was truly a viper's nest of Islamic extremism.


Scarcity breeds elitism

From the latest Dwight School newsletter:
-Approximately one half of next year's Kindergarten class will be made up of our Woodside Preschool graduates, siblings of current students, and children of alumni

-There were more than 15 applicants for each of the remaining kindergarten spaces

-Grades 1-4 had a smiliarly high number of applicants per available space

-Nearly 50% of applicants accepted in our first round of Middle and Upper School acceptances matriculated.

I have read for the last few years about a demographic bulge of kindergarten-age kids. Imagine how competitive it'll be for the poor bastards when they apply to college in 2018.


I love this

Don't get me wrong, it's very sad how bigoted religious people can be toward gays. Even worse is when they succeed in stopping a totally innocent parade because it conflicts with their ancient prejudices. But in this particular situation, the rabbis just seem to be so angry yet completely impotent to stop it, and they're just making asses of themselves. I couldn't help laughing at them.

Make no mistake, this is rent seeking. It is no different from an inefficient industry demanding import tarrifs to reduce foreign competition. It hurts the rest of society, though instead of higher prices, the result in this instance is less freedom. Shame on those statist scumbags for trying to maximize their utility by robbing from others.


Funny randomness

See pictures of visible minorities hard at work at the tallis factory!


The National League blows

At least according to this thought-provoking editorial.